Issue 6

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 6, November 2012,, ISSN 1314-4464


Papers from the SIETARconference – Intercultural communication – 18th May, 2012


Editor’s Notes

Tsvetan Davidkov and Yanka Totseva

Tsvetan Davidkov – Cultural Landmarks of the Dialogue (Example: Bulgaria)

GeorgiNaydenov – Russian Anti-Semitism, PutinandPolitkovskaya

Roumen Minkovski,Monika Prodanova – Some specific features of the power distance as a factor of the organizational culture in the hospitality sector

Zornitza Ganeva –Investigation on National Identity of Young People From Bulgaria and Czech Republic

Tzveta Mladenova, Mirena Georgieva –Culturaldifferencesduringmilitarypeacekeepingmissions. A research about the attitude of the Bulgarian armed forces towards other military contingents and towards the resident population

AngelKondev – Electronic Communication and Cultural Differences – Globalization and Contra-globalization

Gergana Pencheva-Apostolova – On the Ethos of E-kind and its Effect on the Bulgarian e-Generation

Tolya Stoitsova, Evelina Christova –Inter-Cultural Dimentions of Contemporary Higher Education: Modernization and Internationalization

Yanka Totseva – Pedagogical Approach towards Intercultural Communication

Dochka Kjuchukova –Agenda 21 and intercultural management of schools – a possibility for a change in the social attitudes and social sensitivity

RoumianaNeminska –Tolerance: The Religious Dimension of the Intercultural Dialogue in Schools

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