Issue 41

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, Issue 41, October 2019

Intercultural Communication

Editors’ Foreword

Prof. Andrea C. Valente, PhD – York University, Canada

Prof. Yanka Totseva, PhD – European Polytechnical University

Prof. Tsvetan Davidkov, Ds. Sc. – Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

Intercultural Communication and Intercultural Competence

Nikolina Tsvetkova – The potential of educational systems to ensure systematic development of plurilingual and intercultural competence

Diana Bebenova-Nikolova, Juliana Popova, Lyudmila Mihaylova – Influence of communication processes on intercultural competence in a cross-border team

Intercultural Communication and Education

WANG Xiaohai – A Cultural Dimension as a New Perspective to Teach about the European Union: Taking ‘Cultural Studies on European Integration’ in China as an Example

Yosif Nunev  A Communicative Strategy for the Implementation of a Dynamic Model for Partial Desegregation of Roma Education in Bulgaria

Intercultural Communication, Media, Arts

Maria Momchilova – Cultural differences in Chinese animation and Japanese anime

Ekrem Çelikiz  Secret Ideological-Political Messages of Hollywood Movies: Flags of Our Fathers and Examples of Honor and Courage Films 

Intercultural Communication, Literature, Argumentation

Kalina Yocheva – Fairytale Therapy in Intercultural Communication

Stanislava Rasheva Ancient Indian version of argumentation in a debate (the logical schematism of “catuskoti”)

Book Reviews

Ivanka MavrodievaBook Review – National Rhetorics in the Syrian Immigration Crisis: Victims, Frauds, and Floods

Kalina Yocheva – Pedagogical Interactions in a Multicultural Environment by Yanka Totseva