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The Rhetoric and Communications is a scientific peer reviewed open access journal published online by the Institute of Rhetoric and Communications.

The Rhetoric and Communications publishes research into rhetoric, media communication, public communication, intercultural communication, Internet communication, business communication, academic communication, pedagogical communication, advertising communication, visual communication, brand communication, marketing communication, argumentation, and applied linguistics.

The journal aims at making connections between theories, discourses, research methods, and applied studies from a broad range of rhetoric, communication, linguistics and other relevant areas of study.

The journal is dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of theory, research and practice in the above fields of rhetoric and communication.

It welcomes high-quality scientific publications on a wide range of topics related to rhetoric, communication, media, Internet studies that present theories, analytical research and innovative methodologies.

The journal publishes manuscripts which join theory and research with applications in the areas of the Internet (online media, social networks, blogs, virtual forums, etc.), themedia, education, business, political and social processes as well as scientific commentaries on research issues or professional practices.

The journal promotes transdisciplinary studies and academic dialogue.

The Rhetoric and Communications published its first issue in September 2011.

The Rhetoric and Communications publishes four issues annually. Each issue focuses on specific themes. Special issues are dedicated to research or scientific projects and conferences in the fields of rhetoric and communications.

The Rhetoric and Communications also contains a Book Reviews section.

The review of manuscripts sent to the Rhetoric and Communications is done on the principle of a double-blind peer review.

The Rhetoric and Communications is listed, abstracted, and indexed in:

  • The European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences (ERIH PLUS)


The websites of the Rhetoric and Communications are http://rhetoric.bghttp://journal.rhetoric.bg.

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Emails: info@rhetoric.bg, journal.rhetoric.bg@gmail.com

12 March 2020

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