Issue 3

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 3, March 2012,, ISSN 1314-4464


Rhetoric, Communication, Education and Internet

Editor’s Notes

Ivanka Mavrodieva, Gergana Apostolova and Silvia Tsvetanska


RhetoricalSocietyofEurope (RSE) – presentationbyGergana Apostolova in Bulgarian

Donka Alexandrova – Trends of Political Rhetoric of the Bulgarian Transition

Rhetorical heritage

Velichko Rumenchev – The Authenticity of the Dialogue between Tzar Simeon the Great and St. Kliment Ohridski

GalinaStankova – RhetoricalAnalysisofDebatesoftheBulgarianParliament

Internet Communication

Gergana Pencheva – Apostolova – Essayson Electronic Culture – third article of the series about the Internet, e-culture, Essays on Electronic culture and e-human,On the Transcendentalism of Techno-mentalism

Communication and Teaching

Bistra Mizova – Classroom Discipline Promoting Communication

Ivo Piperkov – Distance Education and Communication

Communication and Science

Аleksandra Traykova – EpistemologyofSilence

Gabriela Russinova – Techniques of Argumentation in the Dispute: Pragma-Dialectical approach


Christo Atanasov – Citations and Bibliography: between Established Standards and New Rules– 1 and 2

Book Review

“Life and Death in a Time of Terror” (authors Howard R. Pollio, Tolya Stoitsova, and Anne Snellen) – Reviewer Russi Marinov


Rhetoric and Communications Journal, Issue 3, March 2012,,, ISSN 1314-4464

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