Issue 21

Rhetoric and Communications E-Journal, issue 21, January 2016

Special Issue – Papers from the Conference SIETAR Bulgaria (8 June 2015)

Angel Kondev – From Damascus to Cordoba through Poitiers. Refugee crisis and the historical destiny of the West

Daniela Sotirova – Cross-cultural Ethics: Moral Foundations, Moral Exclusion and Ethical Diversity of Cultures

Gergana Apostolova – Achronia: Strangers in Time

Juliana Popova – The Own People, the Foreign People and the Others from Intercultural Perspective

Maria Mavrodieva – Manifestations of Communicative Competence in the Primary School

Maya Sotirova – Etno-cultural Aspects of Reading Teaching in Primary Schools

Nikolai Tsankov, Veska Gyuviyska – Pronominal Identity in the Context of Deviation

Reny Radkova – The Role of Intercultural and Language Training for Successful Intercultural Communication

Sonya Georgieva – Opportunities and Conditions for Using Visual Models Bringing Together Different in a Globalizing World (Working in a Multicultural Environment)

Vasilka Banichanska – Features in School Management in Multicultural Environment

Yanka Tosteva – The Communication in In-group and Out-group in School

Yoana Pavlova – Reality Shows – Business with Social Significance?

Yoana Yankulova – Current Projections of the Models of Organizational Learning in a Multicultural Environment


Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 21, January 2016,,, ISSN 1314-4464

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