Authors who publish in the Journal of Rhetoric and Communication grant rights to the publisher, the Institute of Rhetoric and Communication; they sign a document of copyright, obligations, and responsibilities before online publication of the scholarly publication on the journal’s site

Authorship document

The authorship document is prepared following the receipt of two positive reviews from independent reviewers (double-blind peer review), the editing and formatting of the manuscript, and the sending of an acceptance letter or notification via email to the author. The author receives the copyright document on letterhead via email. The author(s) must personally complete, sign, and submit the authorship document via email to the journal “Rhetoric and Communication.” The completed and signed document should be sent as a scanned PDF or as a photo to the journal’s email address.

Assignment of rights

Authors in Rhetoric and Communications are permitted to distribute their publications in full text or through abstracts and keywords on academic online platforms and websites (e.g., Mendeley, ResearchGate, When doing so, authors must explicitly mention the journal name, issue, pages, ISSN 1314-4464, publisher (Institute of Rhetoric and Communications), and provide links to the journal’s websites.