Issue 9

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 9, July 2013,, ISSN 1314-4464


Papers from the Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference “Is Media Communication ‘colourful’? ” 24 January, 2013, Sofia University, Rectorat, Conference Hall


Editor’s Notes

Yovka Tisheva, Tolya Stoitsova, Ivanka Mavrodieva 

Yovka Tisheva – Language Standards, Language Registers and Media Communication

Tolya Stoitsova – Non-Verbal Communication in Public Speaking

Ivanka Mavrodieva – Challenges and Perspectives of Media and Social Networks 

Russi Marinov –Communication and Crisis Management

Evelina Hristova and Dessislava Dankova – Basic Tactics for Online Communication Crisis 

Elena Tzoneva – Papudjieva – PR and beyond it …

Amelia Licheva  – Media and Literature 

Gergana Dacheva – Stylistic Effects of the Titles from Bulgarian and French Press * Journals

Lyudmila Kirova – Virtual Communities and Compute-Mediated Communication nowadays. Social Networks 

Plamen Pavlov – Communication, Media and Advertisement 

Ivo Piperkov – Problems of Media Communication 

Asya Assenova – Male – Female in a Non-Verbal Communication in Bulgarian Televisions

Alisa Trendafilova – Nonverbal Semiotics of Media Behaviour

Maria Kotseva – Negative Advertising Re-presentation of Women from EU and UN Standpoints. Theoretical and Practical Approaches to its Assessment and Transformation  

Maria Momchilova – Dynamics in the Development of Manga Communication 

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