Publication Ethics

The Rhetoric and Communications Journal is a scientific journal published by the Institute of Rhetoric and Communications.

The Rhetoric and Communications Journal is a peer-reviewed scientific journal that follows a double-blind peer-review procedure.

The journal is interdisciplinary in nature and publishes scientific articles in the fields of rhetoric, argumentation, communication (academic, pedagogical, public, political, media, business, intercultural, internet, virtual, digital, visual, marketing, brand, advertising, etc.), linguistics, semiotics, literature, philosophy and related scientific fields. The journal is a tribune for the publication of research results, new developments in theory, and teaching methods in the above-mentioned fields, striking a balance between theoretical-scientific texts, scientific-methodological publications, and practical-applied materials. The journal provides an opportunity for established scholars and young researchers from universities in different countries to publish.

Publications in the journal are in Bulgarian and in English.

The journal creates opportunities for building scientific networks and research teams, it has an established name and reputation at a national and an international level.

The journal publishes four issues each year regularly in January, April, July and October. It has been published regularly since 2011 and in January 2024 has 58 issues with over 550 scientific publications, 100 of them in English; authors from foreign universities are over 30.

The journal is committed to the idea of contributing to the advancement of scientific and applied knowledge in the field of rhetoric and various types of communication, strictly adhering to the established and binding ethical norms and rules in science and the criteria for publication in scientific journals.

In this regard, the Editorial Board and the Editorial Council of the Rhetoric and Communications Journal are committed to a policy of adherence to established ethical principles and norms that apply to the parties involved in the the process of reviewing, editing and publish, namely: Publisher, Editorial Board, Editorial Council, Reviewers, Authors.