Issue 46

COVID-19: Communication and Rhetoric: Research Methods and Study Perspectives

Editor’s Words

Ivanka MavrodievaSofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Bulgaria

Andrea ValenteYork University, Canada

Paola GiorgisIndependent Scholar and Teacher of English, Literature and Visual Arts, Italy

COVID-19 through the Prism of Rhetorical and Discourse Research

Deadly Rhetoric Gone Viral: Genomic Language and COVID-19 – Jagadish Paudel, Owen M. Williamson

Virality, Contagion and Public Discourse. The Role of Memes as Prophylaxis and Catharsis in an Age of Crisis Peter Mantello, Douglas Ponton

COVID-19, Climate Change and ‘The Denial Playbook’: on the Rhetoricality of Science Denial in the COVID-climate Analogy Veena Namboodri

COVID-19 through the Prism of Communication Research

COVID-19: Gender Specifics of Expression of Emotions in the Discourse of Social NetworksVeronika Katermina, Talina Ilmaz-Ledeneva

War Metaphors in Bulgarian Official Discourse during the COVID-19 Crisis Bilyana Todorova

COVID-19 and Changes in Education

The Role of Communication in the Online Education in Bulgarian Studies in Korea Spas Rangelov

The COVID-19 Crisis and the Critique on Online Education: Francesco Monico’s “Agamben’s J’accuse against distance learningNora Goleshevska

Presentation of IOW project

In Other Words. A critical, creative, collaborative project



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Issue 46, January 2021,

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