Issue 14

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 14, October 2014,,, ISSN 1314-4464


Rhetoric, Linguistics, and Media


Editor’s Notes 

Yovka Tisheva, Gergana Apostolova

Linguistic Features of the Internet Communication

Marta Dąbrowska – Communicating emotions online. The function of anonymity and gender

Desislava Antova – Rhetorical and Stylistic Fatures of the Posts’ Titles in the Blogs of Ivo Indzhev and Ivan Bedrov

Linguistic Features of Media Communication

Banu Dağtaş – Americanization of the Popular Culture in the 1950’s Turkish Magazine: Hayat

Gergana Dacheva – Stylistic Effects of the Titles from Bulgarian and French Journals –  part 2

Ventsislav Kozarev – A Conceptual Map of Corporate Social Responsibility: a Meta-review of the Academy of Management Publications 2006 – 2013

Linguistic Features of the Protests

Irina Perianova -„Ministry of Peace” or a Discourse of Power – Russia and Ukraine

Dafina Genova – Humor as a Communicative Strategy in Protests

Linguistics, Grammar, Languages

Stoyan Burov, Lilia Burova – Functionalism and Communicative Grammar

Marina Djhonova – Degrees of Politeness in Formal Communication

Bilyana Georgieva – Linguistic Features of the Names of Bulgarian and American Holidays

Book Reviews 

Anastasia Konduktorova – “Business Correspondence”. Reviewer Marina Djhonova

Vladimir Dosev – “Communication and Media Manipulation”, ” The Manipulative role of the Metaphors in Media Discourse”. Reviewer Ivanka Mavrodieva

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