Issue 8

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 8, April 2013,, ISSN 1314-4464

Education and Communication


Editor’s Notes

Silvia Tsvetanska and Yanka Totseva


Education, Management and Communication 

Doncho Hrusanov  – Communication with Administration (Principal Positions)

Bogidar Angelov  – Communication, Language, Arts and Education  in the Academic Degree Program “Pedagogy of Mass and Artistic Communication”

Yoana Yankulova, Donka Petrova – The Transition from Quantitative to Qualitative Research of Learning in the Educational Settings

Julieta Savova – Reflection on a Small Intersection of the Bulgarian Educational Road Today” (Vision about Teaching and Communication, School Models)

Communication in  Schools 

Bistra Mizova and Silvia Tsvetanska – Research Approaches to Social and Communicative Competence among Educational Specialists

Nina Gerdzhikova – Communication in the Iinstruction from the Point of View of the Interdisciplinary Research

Lugovchova Elena, Krasnova Elena – Multicultural competence of the teacher: an unnecessary luxury, or an urgent need?

Petrana Stoykova – Teacher’s Role in the “Knowledge society” 

Kalina Iocheva – The Self-Presentation of the Students in Primary School

Education and languages   Образование и езици

Maya Pencheva – Windows on Language Evolution 

Nadežda Stojković – English for Science and Technology Courses at the University of Niš, Serbia

Nikolina Tzvetkova  – On Intercultural Communicative Competence and Foreign Language Education

Milka Hadjikoteva – А Methodological Model of Developing Metaphoric Competence in EFL

Journalism and Advertising Education   

Katya Moshaylova – Social Responsibility of Journalism and Media Education: Values, Interests and Pragmatism

Stefan Serezliev – Advertising Education: in the Rhetoric Spotlights – Ab initio nullum, semper nullum

Education, libraries and communication Образование, библиотеки, комуникации 

Anna Angelova – The Library of Sofia University with New Appearance 

Elena Koycheva – Online Communication in Science. Web Methodology for a Research into the Publication and Citation activity of Authors and Institutions (following the example of the Library at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridsky”)  

Good Practices 

National Management School – how to establish and improve soft skills 

Book Reviews

P. R. Ivanov – “Cognitive Psychology” (2012). Reviewer Todor Shopov

The Science of Knowledge (Review of the book “Main topics in Cognitive Psychology” by P.R. Ivanov, 2012, Plovdiv University press “Paisii Hilendarski”) by Prof. Todor Shopov

Roumiana Peytcheva-Forsyth “State of the Integration of ICT in Bulgarian Secondary School – the Perspective of the Researcher”

Reviewer assoc. prof. Yanka Totseva

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