Issue 5

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 5, September 2012,, ISSN 1314-4464

Editor’s Notes

Ivanka Mavrodieva

 This issue includes articles written by PhD students from Sofia University who have graduated the course of “Academic Writing for PhD students”. Lecturer – Ivanka Mavrodieva.

Communication, Philosophy and Education 

Mihaela Shanova – The Dialogue as a Basic Pedagogical Method during the Period of the Antiquity and the Middle Ages and its Perception Nowadays”

Martina Mineva – Dialogue as a Language Game

Misroslav Bachev – Martin Buber’s Philosophy of Dialogue as a Theology of Dialogue

Veronika Kozareva – Sociocultural Aspect of the Communicative Competence in Preschool Education

Communication and European Integration 

Lyubimka Andreeva – Liberalization and Services of General Interest in the EU

Dessyslava Cherneva-Mollova – The European Citizens’ Initiative and the problem of the “democratic deficit” in the EU

Desislava Manova-Georgieva – The European Citizens’ Initiative and the Problem of the “Democratic Deficit” in the EU 

Penka Hrisova – European Identity and its Reflection in Key Speeches Delivered by European Politicians

Communication and Management 

AdelinaLjubomirova – Open communication – a Prerequisite for Effective Implamentation of the Performance Appraisal of the Civil Servants in Bulgaria

Ely Popova  – Communication and Career Development of Library Staff 

Mincho Nikolov – Career and Professional Epidemics

Communication and Media

Denitsa Surudzhiyska –From Media Coverage of Disasters to Documentaries – Transformation of Ethical Dimensions 

Tzvetelina Stoykova – At the dawn of Radio Communication; or how Exactly the Radio became a Cultural Phenomenon”

Internet Communication

Maria Momchilova – The Possibilities for Free File Transfer over the Internet: Scanlation

Boyan Zahariev – Possibilities and Impossibilities for Online Communication Media in the Subways of Sofia and Vienna

Ina Bacheva – Crisis Communication in the Social Media Age


Viara Genova – Analysis of Parliamentary and Public Debates on the Regulation of Cohabitation 

Iglika Kassabova – Media and New Media – a Change in the Rhetorical Paradigm. Defining and Redefining some Notions 


Review of the Journal “Foreign Language Teaching”

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