Issie 57

Rhetoric and Communications

Issie 57, October 2023


Rhetoric, Semiotics and Communications in 21st Century

DOI 10.55206/YXWE6992



Prof. Tolya Stoitsova, PhD, D.Sc.

New Bulgarian University


Editor’s Words DOI 10.55206/GPTC5674  – 3-5

Rhetoric and Semiotics

Linguistic and Rhetorical Features of Donald Trump’s Communication StyleAzad Mammadov and Maryam Isgandarli – DOI 10.55206/TLGC2544  –  7

Intentional States and Iconography of Theotokos: The Joy. Semiotic and Visual AnalysisMiroslav Dachev  – DOI 10.55206/KDVV6790 –  22

Public Communication

Communicative and Economic Dimensions of the Relationship Between Framing Effect and Organ DonationIvet Tileva – DOI 10.55206/TUGE6545 –  44

Communication Management of Facts and Data. Methodological and Pedagogical DimensionsMaya Vasileva – DOI 10.55206/RMNK6954  –  61

The role of the Spanish Flu in Changing Public Communication and in the Fight for Voting Rights of American SuffragettesAtanaska Milotinova – DOI 10.55206/LEOO1231 – 73

Virtual Communication

Gender in Facebook during the Local Electoral Campaign for Bucharest City Hall in 2020. The Self-construction of the Candidates  Elena-Irina I. Ghinet – DOI 10.55206/HTCO8981 – 85

Communicative and Sociocultural Features of the Perception of Success among Digital Consumers in BulgariaHristina Sokolova– DOI 10.55206/GCEJ1079 – 110

Communicative and Linguistic Features of Computer Jargon in Virtual CommunicationDiana Nikolova – DOI 10.55206/DUBA4860


Analysis of Communication in a Virtual Environment for Art FundingDesislava Tomova – DOI 10.55206/DYJO1109 – 151

Book Review

Media Time and the Creative Space of Television Journalism. About the TV Corrida of Prof. Margarita Pesheva Simeon Vasilev – DOI 10.55206/VCMT3586 – 162


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Issue 57, October 2023

Rhetoric and Communications Journal

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