Ethics Statements for Authors

The manuscripts that authors submit must be original personal research and scientific works that have not been published in other scholarly journals and that have not been submitted for review by editors or for peer review in other scholarly journals or scholarly publications that have been printed in hard copy or as an electronic version online at websites.

Authors are responsible for the correct, accurate, and complete presentation, from a scientific point of view, of the facts, data, names, and designations in the manuscripts.

Authors strictly follow the rules for citation and for referencing the sources they use. The authors make references to previous scientific publications and identify contributions to the scientific tradition in a given field at national and international level.

Authors have an obligation to participate in the peer review, editing the final draft of their manuscript for publication. Authors may be asked to edit, add to, and clarify (facts, data, sources, archives, online resources, methods and methodology, research design, etc.) their manuscripts when reviewers have indicated this should be done and to resubmit an edited version of their manuscript to the Editorial Board. Authors may be asked to edit their manuscripts to remove inaccuracies and omissions, to add information, and to fact-check cited sources if the editors and reviewers identify such omissions and inaccuracies. Then authors add to, revise and resubmit the updated and completed manuscript to the Editorial Board.

In the event of a conflict of interest, the author must inform the Editorial Board. If a conflict of interest or claims regarding citation, references and quotation and authorship after publication are identified, the authors shall resolve these issues in accordance with legal procedures established outside the publication.

The authors’ rights and responsibilities states (‘authorship document’), “On topics related to citation of scholarly sources and scholarly interpretations on which there are differing views between the author(s) of an article and the cited author or authors, any resulting discussions are the sole responsibility of both parties. All decisions are made between the two parties and in accordance with laws, norms and ethical rules. If the editors suspect any form of plagiarism, they reserve the right to refuse publication, retract the text if already published, and take such legal action as they deem necessary.”

Plagiarism is accepted as a manifestation of unethical behaviour in the publication of scientific articles.

Each manuscript goes through plagiarism checking systems and software programs prior to the double-blind peer review process.