Issue 4

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 4, April 2012,, ISSN 1314-4464


The issue 4, April 2014 includes the articles in English.


Communication, Linguistic, Education, Media, and Rhetoric


Editor’s Forwords

Todor Shopov and Gergana Apostolova


Communication and Education

Todor Shopov – Intercomprehension Analysis

Yoana Yankulova, Donka Petrova – Specific Manifestations of Stereotypes in the Process of Interpersonal Communication

Maria Stoicheva, Ivanka Mavrodieva and Nikolina Tsvetkova – Social Media and Social Networks – What’s in for Tertiary Education

Ivo Piperkov – Interactive Communication and Developing Educational Projects

Ekaterina Sofronieva – Empathy in Language Teaching

Communication, Media and Policies

Stoitsova, Tolya, Pollio, R. Haward and Pollio, Marilyn – Then and Now: Reflections and Implications in concern of 9/11

Assia Assenova – Biopolitics in the Case of in vitro Fertilization in Bulgaria

Communication, Marketing and Business

Maria Sivenkova – Storytelling in Marketing: On some Initiating Events in Stories of Companies, Products and Brands” Storytelling in Marketing

Plamen Pavlov – Hyperlocal Communication as a Function of Globalization

Vance Bojkov – Engeneers and Oral Buisness Communication

Communication and Languages

Ellie Boyadzhieva, Irena Vassileva – On Some Recent Tendencies Toward Analicity in Modern Bulgarian

Mariya Bagasheva-Koleva – Emotive Tools in Target Audience Oriented translation

Yana Manova – Georgieva – Socio-Cultural Aspects of Name Transformation In Translation


Gergana Apostolova – A Rhetoric of Meanings: The outlines of translated existence

Ivanka Mavrodieva – Rhetorical Features of Academic Presentations

Ivan Tzvetanovic – The Listening Skills and Its Influence on Public Speaking Style in the Age of Mass Media

Velitcko Roumentchev – Share Thoughts about the Authenticity of a Apeech of Tzar Asen I

Book Review

Todor Shopov “Speaking Other Languages. Introduction to Pedagogical Sociolinguistic” (2011). Reviewer prof. Yordanka Simeonova


Rhetoric and Communications Journal, Issue 20, April 2012,,, ISSN 1314-4464

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