Artificial intelligence

Ethics in the process of academic writing in general, and scientific papers in particular, is an important ethical issue for academics. Academic writing and publishing in scientific journals are about making the results of scholarship and research public and disseminating knowledge from different scientific fields, and this must be done in compliance with basic ethical norms and rules. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a tool that is used in the process of creating scientific texts as well as in the process of implementing scientific research. The use of AI, of software programs and applications, of algorithms, and of chatbots, must respect ethical principles. It should also be clear that the use of certain software programs and applications, as well as chatbots, can lead to errors, inaccuracies, and the presentation of incomplete or even scientifically incorrect information. Authors need to analyse and interpret from a scientific point of view based on their research experience and ensure that the research, analyses and conclusions are made by them as authors of the scientific text.

Authorship and AI tools | COPE: Committee on Publication Ethics