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“Rhetoric and Communications” is a peer reviewed scientific journal covering a wide range of themes. It is published four times a year in an online version. “Rhetoric and Communications” was founded in 2011 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is a professional scientific journal which serves researchers in the fields of rhetoric, argumentation, media, public relations, advertising, visual studies, intercultural communication, Internet communication, business communication, pedagogical communication, academic communication, academic writing and education, and some supplementary interdisciplinary subfields.

In theyears of its development, the e-journal has achieved a tangible progress due to the commitment of the Editorial Board and the Editorial Council comprised by scientists and researchers coming from different countries. By now, we have released more than 13 volumes, containing 150 articles by authors affiliated to 20 universities from 12 countries. The quality of scientific articles has been further improved, which has not only enhanced the reputation of the e-journal, but also has expanded its popularity among the scholars of rhetoric and communication studies.

The journal reaches a wide audience, exceeding currently 200 readers per day and 7000 per month.

You are welcome to visit and spend some time on our website: http://rhetoric.bg.

Prospective authors are invited to contact us at: journal.rhetoric.bg@gmail.com

For further information and any possible questions and offers for cooperation, please, contact us at:  journal.rhetoric.bg@gmail.com

Rhetoric and Communications e-Journal has a sub-domain including all abstracts in English of every issue: journal.rhetoric.bg

Our Online Guide into Rhetoric (http://www.online.rhetoric.bg/) was released in 2012 as sub-domain of Rhetoric and Communications e-Journal helping students of rhetoric and communications studies.

July, 30 2014

From the Editorial Board

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