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Dear Colleagues, Authors and Readers,

Welcome to the website of the Rhetoric and Communications journal.

Rhetoric and Communications is a scientific journal whose first issue was published in September 2011.

Rhetoric and Communications comes out four times a year, but there are special issues as well.

Rhetoric and Communications covers a wide range of topics in the areas of:

  • rhetoric;
  • argumentation;
  • media;
  • public relations;
  • advertising communication;
  • visual research;
  • intercultural communication;
  • Internet communication;
  • business communication;
  • pedagogical communication;
  • academic communication;
  • academic writing;
  • other interdisciplinary fields.

The review of manuscripts sent to Rhetoric and Communications is done on the principle of a double-blind peer review.

Over the 8 years of its existence, the Rhetoric and Communications journal has made tangible progress thanks to the commitment of its Editorial Board and Executive Board, which include scientists and researchers from universities from different countries.

By July 2018, 35 issues were published, containing about 500 articles, book reviews, and presentations of scientific events. The authors are from over 20 universities from 15 countries. The articles are in Bulgarian, English and Russian.

Rhetoric and Communications enjoys a reputation of a solid scientific publication.

Rhetoric and Communications has grown in popularity among rhetoric and communications research scientists.

Rhetoric and Communications reaches a wide audience.

The website of Rhetoric and Communications is http://rhetoric.bg.

Rhetoric and Communications has a subdomain, which includes all abstracts of published articles in English from each issue: http://journal.rhetoric.bg

Contact and additional information: Contact Email:  journal.rhetoric.bg@gmail.com

The Online Rhetoric Guide (http://www.online.rhetoric.bg) was first published in 2012 as a subdomain of Rhetoric and Communications. It assists students of rhetoric and communications.


20 August 2018

From the Editorial Board

Email: journal.rhetoric.bg@gmail.com