Issue 10

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 10, October 2013,, ISSN 1314-4464


Political Rhetoric, Political Communication


Editor’s Notes

Ivanka Mavrodieva, Tzvetan Davidkov, Tolya Stoitsova


Policy, Internet, Dimlomacy

MarcinLewiński–DebatingMultiplePositionsinMulti-PartyOnlineDeliberation.  Sides,Positions,andCases  – translated into Bulgarian by Verginiya Danailova

Iryna Maksymenko – Interests and Ideas of the EU’s „Big Three” in the Context of Theories of European Integration (Communicative Aspects)

Rhetoric and Communication during the Bulgarian Transition

Mincho Christov – Aspects of Party Propaganda in the Beginning of the Bulgarian Transition

Dimitar Ganev – Prerequisites for the Convening of the Bulgarian Round table

Aleksandra Atanasova – Lost in Translation: Differences between the Political Messages and the Public Perceptions in Political Campaign 2013

SoniaHinkova–The Foreign Policy – Rhetoric and Attitudes of the Remonstrates in Bulgariain the Winter of 2013

Desislava Dobreva  – Visual Political Rhetoric in the Social Networks

Political Communication, Management and Crises

Gergana Apostolova – Achronia as a Complex Mechanism for Social Control 

Tsvetan Kulevski – Crisis of Political Commentary 

Alexander Christov – Developing political PR Communications through Implementation of Practices from Corporate Communications

Valeria Kardashevska – Spoken Words and Their Power to Influence the Communication Medium

Book and E-Book Reviews

Book Review

Rhetoric and Politics: Central/Eastern European Perspectives” (edited by Maria Zaleska). Reviewer – Iglika Kassabova

Books Review

Christo Prodanov „Digital  Policy”. Reviewer Rostislav Davidov

Ivanka Mavrodieva „Political Rhetoric in Bulgaria: from meetings to Web 2.0 (1989-2012) ”. Reviewer Rositsa Yordanova.

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