Issue 42

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, Issue 42, January, 2020

Media and Internet Communications

Editor’s Words

Media and Communications

Stella Angova, Ivan Valchanov Automated Journalism Between the Human and Technology

Dobrinka Peicheva, Dilyana Keranova – Ecology Dimensions of Media Reality in the Post-Internet Society in Bulgaria

Iliya Valkov – Politicization Processes in the Bulgarian Media Environment

Internet Communications

Mila Serafimova – Internet communication, media communication, public relations in the Digital Age: theoretical dilemmas

Mariya Nikolova – PR Ethics in Online Crisis Communication Management Using Social Networks

Dobryan Boev Postgidital’: Between Definitions and Meanings

Internet Communication and Social Networks 

Iliana Pavlova – Influence Mechanisms in Social Networks  

Zdravka Andonova – The Meta Mediator in the Information Environment on the Internet  

Simeon Vassilev The Meta Mediator in the Information Environment on the Internet


Book Reviews

Dessilava Antova Book Review  “Mapping Digital Media Content. New Media Narrative Creation Practices”

Todor Simeonov Simeonov Book Reviews “Crisis Management. Theoretical and Practical Foundations” and “Effective Communication in Public Management” 


Reviewers of Rhetoric and Communications Journal

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