Issue 44

Issue 44, July, 2020

Rhetoric, Visual and Verbal Communication and Argumentation

Editors’ Words
Full Prof. Ivanka Mavrodieva, D.Sc. – Sofia University “St. Kliment
Assoc. Prof. Gergana Apostolova, D.Sc. – South-West University “Neofit

Rhetoric, Visual Rhetoric and Visual Argumentation

The understanding of the human being and its relevance for persuasionRafael Jiménez Cataño
On interpretation, understanding and interpretation in visual argumentation: Challenges and problemsIgor Zagar 
The construction of the enemy. The strategic use of rhetorical devices in new Italian populismsPaola Giorgis

Rhetoric and Argumentation: Analyses, Trainings, Practices

A comparative rhetorical analysis of the speeches of Queen Elizabeth II after Princess Diana’s death and about the coronavirus crisisIglika Kassabova
Verbal and visual arguments in tourism image-building (Public Relations in the light of words and images)Sonya Alexieva
Arguments, argumentation, ethosLalka Borisova
The voice in rhetoric: manifestations in the new digital realityValeria Kardashevska

Doctoral Debutes

Origin and development of sculptural symposia: visual and communicative dimensionsAntonia Angelova
Framing effects in international business communication – trade aspectsIvet Tileva

Books Reviews

“Come dirlo? Parole giuste, parole belle” (How to say it? Right words, beautiful words (Adelino Cattani)Nora Golesehvska
Social conflicts and media resonance. Communication problems in Bulgarian media – 2007 – 2019Lubomir Stoykov


Issue 44 of the Rhetoric and Communications Journal (July 2020) is published with thе financial support of the Scientific Research Fund, Contract No. KP-06-NP1/39 of December 18, 2019.