Issue 50

Rhetoric and Communications Journal

Issue 50, January 2022

Special Issue ̶ Rhetoric of Otherness

Editor’s Words

Andrea C. Valente  ̶  York University, Canada

Paola Giorgis  ̶  Independent Scholar and Teacher of English, Literature and Visual Arts, Italy

Nikolina Tsvetkova  ̶  Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Bulgaria

Otherness: Discourses, Labels and Stereotypes

Who is the Other?  ̶  Paola Giorgis

What’s in a Name? Asperger’s Syndrome in the Formation of Otherness   ̶  Andrea C. Valente

Otherness: Media and Virtual Environments

Becoming a Non-Other. Emigrant Narratives as an Integration Strategy  ̶  Diana Vargolomova

Virtual Matriarchy: Online Communities of Bulgarian Women   ̶  Eli Alexandrova

Otherness: Literature and Communication

Self-Othering and Redemptive Narratives in Literature and the Arts  ̶  Gabriela Ioana Mocan

Modernity and Otherness: Based on Works of Bulgarian and Korean Literature  ̶  Ludmila Atanasova

Different Scientific Views on the Boundaries of the ‘Body’ Construct –  Radeya Gesheva

Otherness: Communication, Politics and Phycology

The Other in Politics – Value and Distortions  ̶  Tatiana Burudzhieva

The Problem of Otherness through the Perspective of Psychology  ̶  Antonina Kardasheva

Otherness: Doctoral Debuts / PhD Debutes

Linguistic Diversity and Features of Language Policy in Moldova  ̶  Ekaterina Stanova

Transformation from Political towards Media Discourse in Bulgaria: New Words and Expressive Collocations  ̶  Irina Garkova



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