Tolya Stoitsova – Non-Verbal Communication in Public Speaking

Abstract: With the development of new digital technologies in the 21st century new communication technology emerge naturally – some of them more complex, other even simpler. The expansion of opportunities of communication brought out new problems. The nucleus or the essence of understanding communication also started to change. The most important thing, not having in mind the technical and technological progress solely, still is communication competence on both levels – in public speaking and in interpersonal interactions. The reason is natural. Technologies do act in the fields of competencies as a magnifying glass – they increase the abilities and competencies, but unfortunately they increase disadvantages and the absence of high level competencies as well. Mass media – also act as magnifying glass. So, the effect becomes double. In Bulgarian case, though there are many specialized courses in communication on the level of high education, the aspect of nonverbal clues especially in public speaking still is as on the level of mystical explanations. This article is devoted exactly on this issue – what is the essence of public speaking and how nonverbal clues could change significantly the meaning of the messages.

Keywords: communication technologies, non-verbal communication, public speaking, communicative competence, mass media, and messages.

Rhetoric and Communications Е-Journal, Issue 9, July 2013,, ISSN 1314-4464


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