Perspectives of Media and Journalism Education in the Context of Convergent Media Environment

Ivan Valchanov

University of National and World Economy

Abstract: The topic is currant because of two main reasons – the fast and growing influence of the internet and digital technologies on media which is followed by transformations of the journalistic profession and therefore the business’ needs of educated and trained professionals; and the influence of the internet and digital technologies on the education generally. The main goal of the research is to follow the occurred transformations in education due to the development of the internet as a convergent media environment and describe the perspectives and tendencies for the journalism education. The research methods are comparative analysis, content analysis and poll. The main ascertainments are that the occurring transformations make the lecturers and universities face a number of challenges requiring quick and adequate reaction; the journalistic education goes through significant transformations in the last decade; besides challenges the described processes give the journalistic education a range of opportunities for development.

Keywords: education, media, journalism, internet, media transformations, convergence.

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 28, May 2017,,, ISSN 1314-4464

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