Desisilava Dobreva – Theoretical and Terminology Overview of the Concepts in Virtual Rhetoric

Abstract: The present text focuses on terminology overview and definition of some current concepts in the virtual rhetoric, which is characterized by relatively new but dynamically developing field of research. Problems provided by it are characterized by extreme seriousness and the studies on them have established traditions in the world, but just beginning to arouse interest in academics in Bulgaria. Therefore, in the conceptual apparatus there are missing terms in Bulgarian language for a number of events in the virtual environment and definitions for them and in most cases there are used foreign words that are gradually approved and accepted in the vocabulary on the topic. It is a fact that the latter is in most cases is inevitable. Due to the nature of the services in a virtual environment and communication there, and specifics about their appearance, many of the concepts used in the field have no equivalent or accurate translation into Bulgarian language. The objective of this text is to update and enrich some of the terminology in the field of virtual rhetoric as introduce and define relevant concepts by the author.

Keywords: Virtual rhetoric, concepts, definitions.

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 25, November 2016,,, ISSN 1314-4464

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