Desislava Antova – Manifestations of Visual Rhetoric in Multimedia Journalism (Case-study Analysis of Online Media

Abstract: The new media, creating qualitatively new architectural possibilities by text digital articles, enriching them with pictures and video are part of the growing trend for superiority of the images in the transmission of messages within the network. They are the object of scientific interest in the virtual / visual rhetoric and multimedia journalism. On the problems of multimedia newsroom have worked a number of Bulgarian and foreign researchers. The principle, even though with late rates found its application in our country. The interest is focus on rhetorical aspect of multimodal content produced by the multimedia newsroom. These reveals of the virtual rhetoric are immanent part of the digital structure and new architecture of the text. Architecture whose features hyperlinks, online video, photos, keywords and tags are crucial in a multimedia product. The volume aspect of the news, understood as something important and meaningful to society, are placed in a new context. Who has changed according to the canons of multimodality in rhetoric and in journalism. The precondition for this development, understood as multimedia journalism is the technological progress. This enable journalists to create content, share this with other media and to edit information provided by the audience. The aim is to focus on customers for a long time on a multimedia product. Multimodality, both in rhetoric and in journalistic terms, is the subject of this study. Quality u method which is used is a Case Study. Created corpus of content elements – multimedia messages presented in the online media The main purpose is to demonstrate the leading role of the multimedia as a qualitatively new element to present and convey the message – the news. Enable are some comparisons with other media to demonstrate the need for multimedia and multimodality in the development of digital content and messages.

Keywords: virtual rhetoric, multimedia, multimedia newsroom, multimodality.

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 25, November 2016,,, ISSN 1314-4464

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