Gabriela Russinova – Techniques of Argumentation in the Dispute: Pragma-Dialectical approach

Abstract:  The following article stresses the borders of an argumentation in terms of the paradigm- dialectical approach. A contrast is made between the rhetorical  approach of  becoming  reasoning techniques during the cogitation. The presented paradigm- dialectical approach is developed by Frans van Eemeren and  Rob Grootendorst  in the book “How to deal with debates (Argumentation, comunication and mistakes: paradigm- dialectical perspectives)”, University Press “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia 2009. As a final aim I will present you the acquisition of more complete conception about the essence of the dispute which has in itself the goal, the type, the way and the subject of argumentation.

Keywords: despute, truth, paradigm- dialectical approach, rhetoric, reasoning techniques, types of argumentation, correct logical rules and conclusions, entimema

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