Gergana Pencheva – Apostolova – Essayson Electronic Culture – third article of the series about the Internet, e-culture, Essays on Electronic culture and e-human,On the Transcendentalism of Techno-mentalism

Abstract: This is some extrapolation on the aspects of human transcendence into the World Wide Web and those of its aspects that discourage individuals from taking part in the global talk suggesting the further uselessness of the individual mind as a contributor to human experience and creativity on the basis of the inability of a single individual to rival the ubiquitous web. The main question here is the question of the existential motivation of human text as a field for creative performance. The incessant dialog of humanity needs its stories that feed metaphor; and metaphor in its turn is seen as the device for the recursive transcending of the individual into the spaces of shared mind work, where technology is both an aid and a border.   In other words, this essay is only the introduction to a study of the broader fields of hypertext for the functioning of rhetoric as the art of talking new worlds into being.

Keywords: human transcendence, World Wide Web, hypertext, rhetoric.

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 3, March 2012,, ISSN 1314-4464

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