Boyan Zahariev – Possibilities and Impossibilities for Online Communication Media in the Subways of Sofia and Vienna

Abstract: The article raises the question of building an online image of a specific type of media. The emphasis of the study is on analyzing the attitudes of passengers and location of screens, analyzing the layout and content of websites of the media in Sofia and Vienna. The study analyzes the web pages of some media and how they describe themselves – their mission and goals. The main emphasis is on the clarity and form of presentation of news and the programming schedule and the method of transmission over the Internet. Attention is drawn to the form in which the personnel of the media in the subways of Sofia and Vienna are presented. The analysis of the opportunities is important for advertising and mentioning various advertising strategies as a part of the mission of the media on their web pages. The study also examines the presence of the media in social networks and how they use them to build online image and to attract audiences and advertisers.

Keywords: Media in the subway, online image, advertising in the subway, social media.

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 5, September 2012,, ISSN 1314-4464

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