Public speaking, a developing and improvement of oral skills

Valeria Kardashevska

NATFA – Sofia


Abstract: People have been communicating using the word since ancient times. The ability to influence the audience, to transmit emotions and to provoke feelings through speeches is more important in comparison with the sharing information. Today, new technologies establish new ways of communication the need to master the skill to act through spoken, not just written, is getting even bigger. It is affecting more and more spheres, today are looking for powerful and influential speakers and leaders who are prepared to engage and provoke in public appearances their audiences and followers. Consequently, the first part of the article is dedicated to present the information how to improve rhetorical and listening skills, and the second includes practical advice and exercises which are useful during the process of forming and developing skills, articulation, mеlogy and others.

Keywords: speech, public speaking, speaking skills, speaker, orator skills.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 38, January 2019

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