Bulgarian Language as Second for Children

Penka Angelova

 Tarnovo University St. St. Cyril and Methodius

E-mai:  pangelova1@gmail.com
Abstract: In view of the increasing analfabetism and dropout of children from  schools in Bulgaria, project LAD (Language Against Dropout) has been developed. It is being presented in this paper as a model for prevention. Secondly, the terminology of “Bulgarian as a Second Language (BEV)” is being clarified, as well as the advantages of  multilingualism. Thirdly, the success of educational integration is viewed as based on inter-disciplinary and inter-sectoral cooperation. Finally, good practices in Germany are being considered for dissemination.

Keywords: multilingualism/bilingualism, educational integration, Bulgarian as a second language, interdisciplinary and intersectorality.

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 32, January 2018, rhetoric.bg/, journal.rhetoric.bg, ISSN 1314-4464

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