Angel Kondov – The Bulgarian ‘civilizational choice’ beyond the propaganda’s cliche

Abstract: Over the last twenty years the expression “civilizational choice” has entered permanently in the Bulgarian political vocabulary. What is the hidden connotation in its use? Is it correct from the point of view of the concept of “civilization” or it is used as an ordinary propaganda cliché? – These are the questions raised in this article, which defends the thesis that the theoretical contents of the term “civilization” allows the derivative expression “civilizational choice” to be used only when it pertains to the result of a cultural-historical process, in which a society adopts the symbols, the values, and the ideals characteristic of a civilization, while its use for the purpose of validating a particular political, economic or cultural act of the day is inappropriate and is a sign of unreflected political prejudices, fears, and complexes.

Key words: society, culture, cultural tradition, ideology, civilization, civilizational choice, globalization.

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 16, January 2015,,, ISSN 1314-4464

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