Aleksandra Svetlinova Arabadzhieva – “Crossroads in the Labyrinth” – on Cornelius Castoriadis’ Life and Philosophical Heritage

Abstract: This text contains a parallel between certain elements of Cornelius Castoriadis’ philosophical heritage and the psychoanalytic theory developed by Jacques Lacan. The final goal of the parallel in question is to explicate the concepts and the ideas used by Castoriadis which to one extent or another are influenced by his close acquaintance with Lacan’s sessions and it also strives to clarify the key differences which in Castoriadis’ context strongly distinct on the one hand the use of the concepts in question, and on the other hand the theoretical implications of the ideas mentioned. In the sake of the clarification of these distinctions a detailed analysis is provided not only of the origin of the so defined conceptual and notional apparatus, but also of the intellectual context of postwar France where this apparatus is formed and developed. Other sources of influence are taken into consideration as the inclusion of those is inevitable, if the conclusions that we end to in the current exposition should be estimated as correct.

Key words: imaginary, truth, scientificity, labyrinth, secularity, unconscious, social

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 15, January 2015,,, ISSN 1314-4464

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