Ekaterina N. Sredovska – Development of Intercultural Competences of Adolescents trough Participation in Project Activities

Abstract: Тhe accession of Bulgaria to the European Union opened many opportunities for intercultural interaction for the Bulgarian citizens. Therefore, the question of intercultural education from an early age acquires a particular importance. The formation and development of intercultural competence is happening to some extent in the context of educational institutions, but it is not complete without the overarching role of extracurricular activities on a project with such a focus. This report presents the results of empirical research of conducted activities within projects with intercultural subject in which adolescent students participated. In the text the impact of the projects on their intercultural education is analyzed.

Keywords: intercultural education, intercultural competencies, extracurricular activities, project based activity, adolescents.

Rhetoric and Communications Е-Journal, Issue 11, January 2014, http://rhetoric.bg/, ISSN 1314-4464


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