Gergana Pencheva-Apostolova – Essays on Electronic Culture The Anonymity of the Artist on the Web – About the Anonymity of the Creator on the Web

Abstract: This is the second essay of my series on the talkative web, where the aspects of e- illiteracy go deeper into the question about the creativity, and still further into the question about the individual seen as a creator where the anonymity of the author reaches to the annihilation of the individuality of a human at one end of the cosmic spiral, and to its transformation into a God – at the other end of our visible section of the cosmic eternity. Anonymity is the other name of the opposite to loneliness where the author is afraid of giving his or her name to a display of the human genius, or to getting outside the formulae of e-composing, or – remaining stubborn as in our case here – in refusing to change the preposition ‘to’ in the first line of this paragraph into the recommended ‘of’ by the great spelling machine. I claim that the database created by far of the Bulgarian culture is still insufficient for the true display of our creativity and uniqueness. In our fast rush into the e-universe we have neglected sparing some time and space for our roots. The texts we create in the e-space enter into polemics for announcing their existence. Is it the beginning of a golden age where we are talking our next epoch into being? By word of mouth, by speech, by naming the newcoming, by polemics e-illiteracy creates e-universe, and, probably, a brave new world for humanity.

Keyterms: sand culture, the anonymous author, e-loneliness, creativity, e-illiteracy, e-pictogram, avatars, performance, humanity, virtual humanity.

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 2, December 2011,, ISSN 1314-4464

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