Book Review Rhetoric and Politics: Central/Eastern European Perspectives” (edited by Maria Zaleska). Reviewer – Iglika Kassabova

Maria Zaleska is a highly respected professor in rhetoric and a distinctive linguist at the University of Warsaw, Poland. She is the president of the Polish Rhetorical Society and serves at the Editorial Board of the Forum Artis Rhetoricae. Taking in account her academic pro-activity and research interests focused on rhetoric and argumentation theory, we are not surprised to see her impressive volume published „Rhetoric and Politics: Central/ Eastern European Perspectives”. The book is entirely edited by Prof. Zaleska, who managed to gather some of the most appreciated scholar in the areas of political science, sociology, history, linguistic and rhetoric.

Rhetoric and politics or rhetoric in politics constitute a heterogeneous art of research. For sure, the long history of both rhetoric and politics gives anything but a straightforward answer concerning their interrelations. The challenge to introduce the relation between the rhetoric and politics is taken by the editor herself in the first two chapters: Rhetoric and Politics: Mapping the Interrelations and Rhetorical Patterns of Constructing the Politician’s Ethos. …..

Rhetoric and Communications Е-Journal, Issue 10, October 2013,, ISSN 1314-4464


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