Aleksandra Atanasova – Lost in Translation: Differences between the Political Messages and the Public Perceptions in Political Campaign 2013

Abstract: The article describes the events that took place in the political campaign for Parliament in Bulgaria in 2013. An overview is presented, explaining the theoretical description that should be followed by the parties and their practical implementation. A description of the discrepancy between the area of topics that are considered important from the society and from the political parties is given as well. The consequences – there is a huge gap between what people have expected and what actually happened through the campaign. There is also an overview on the effects on the public attitudes by some of the political scandals that took place in the campaign. The campaign itself differed from the good practices that the theories support and the expectations about a big percentage of public participation in the voting turned out to be unreasonable. While making a chronological description of the events from April and May, the article is trying to find out the reason why almost half of the Bulgarian citizens didn’t give their votes on the Election Day.

Keywords: political campaign, society, elections, political parties, voting, debate.

Rhetoric and Communications Е-Journal, Issue 10, October 2013,, ISSN 1314-4464

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