Blogs and Blogging: Types and Manifestations

Rozalina Bozhilova

„Angel Kanchev“ University of Ruse


– DOI: 10.55206/GXVE9862

Abstract: The purpose of the article is to provide a brief overview of blogs as a public and social phenomenon and to determine its role in the develop­ment of social media by presenting a diachronic review. Platforms for developing blogs are also an inseparable element of their existence, which necessitated their brief presentation in the article. A classification and categorization of the types of blogs has also been made through the analyzes of well-established social media researchers. Blogging has its serious foundations, it is not a new star on the horizon, but users are increasingly comfortable with publishing content online, and for this very reason, an engaging blog post does not have the value of a loud tweet, for example, titans like AOL and Demand Media, on the other hand, still believe in the power of blogs and are even considering strategies to expand the market. Blogging and social media are generally complementary, not mutually exclusive. Without blogs, people would be less attracted to the possibility of sharing content on Facebook or Twitter, and without the latter, bloggers would have a hard time reaching more readers. Users are often not aware of what blogging is, which also determines the purpose of the presented material.

Keywords: social media, blog, blogging, communication, social networks, network economy.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 53, October 2022

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