On the Correctness of Some Notions in Public Communication

Hristo Atanasov

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”.

Chief expert, Ombudsman of the Republic of Bulgaria.

E-mail: atanasov.hristo@gmail.com

Abstract: Writing the current article is motivated by the desire to clarify the use of terms and concepts in communication: public, media, business. Inaccuracies are found in the use of some concepts, which requires clarification. The text presents the positions of leading scholars and experts in law, public administration and political science. The text does not claim to be either authoritative or comprehensive but introduces some restrictions and clarifications. The presentation of the meanings of the concepts is not from a linguistic point of view. Each of the terms (state, state bodies, institution, powers, proxies, law-making, law enforcement and judicial, human rights protection body and law enforcement; status (statute) is clarified after a critical review of expert publications. The text is rather practical and would be useful for those working in the fields of public administration, communications, and media as well as for Bulgarian citizens.

Keywords: state, state bodies, institution, powers, authority, law-making, law-enforcement and law-enforcement, status, statute.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 51, April 2022

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