Features Georgi Parvanov’s Presidential Rhetoric

Atanas Radev

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”

Email: atanas.g.radev@abv.bg

Abstract: The article is an attempt to analyse the features of Georgi Parvanov’s presidential rhetoric. The presidential institution is presented in the context of civil society in Bulgaria as well as in connection with its regulation by the Bulgarian Constitution. The assumption is that the presidential rhetoric has a role on national and international levels. The methodology includes discourse analysis, genres analysis and relations between rhetoric and society, person and roles in accordance with juridical norms and institutional requirements. The hypothesis is that every single presidents’ rhetoric has individualistic features, specific language and approach to present ideas, concepts and proposals. The rhetorical tools have been presented in speeches delivered during President Parvanov’s two mandates. The conclusion is that the presidential rhetoric has a connection with the character and experience of the President.

Keywords: presidency, president, presidential rhetoric, society, factors, rules.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 51, April 2022

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