China’s Understanding of Hybrid Wars

Theodoros Vaniotis

New Bulgaria University


Abstract: The article is an attempt to present China’s positions in the international perspective and to derive the scope and content of the concepts of continuous war and hybrid war.  The topic stands out for its topicality and significance; it requires constant analyses due to the dynamics in the development of China’s policies in geopolitical and global terms. The limitations of the directional study are on theoretical overview and critical analysis of China’s position in the second decade of the 21st century. The methods used are desk research and secondary analysis of previous scholarly publications and analyses. The first assumption is that China is becoming a threat to the global status quo and it is reasonable to present Chinese side of view. The second assumption is that it could be better to follow a more multilateral approach when it comes to the matter of national security, conflicts and war. The results of the analysis are a representation of China’s views on the development of political, economic or other actions at the international and even global level. Conclusions are drawn about China presenting itself as a rival to the established global status quo in international affairs and how it is presented, announced and disseminated by public, political and diplomatic communication.

Keywords: China, warfare, hybrid wars, unrestricted warfare, conflict, globalisation.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 51, April 2022

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