The Problem of Otherness through the Perspective of Psychology

Antonina Kardasheva

New Bulgarian University


Abstract: The article presents a theoretical overview of the problem of otherness from the point of view of psychology. The aim is to establish the scope and content of the concept, as well as to present classification schemes related to otherness. Relationships between otherness and marginality, otherness and identity, otherness and belonging are discussed. An emphasis is placed on otherness as a problem in social systems. Affiliation as an alternative is derived from a special perspective. The methods of analysis and synthesis, desk research were used. A working definition of otherness is given and its manifestations in social and psychological terms are derived. The research questions are focused on presenting theories and identifying factors, manifestations and phenomena related to the problem of otherness. The conclusions are that otherness should be studied by different areas of science, and psychology has its contribution to these studies, which may be viewed as interdisciplinary.

Keywords: otherness, psychology, identity, marginality, belonging.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 50, January 2022

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