The Other in Politics – Value and Distortions

Tatiana Burudzhieva

Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski


Abstract: Politics is a sphere of difference and division. In politics it is necessary to learn to live and work together while remaining different. The value of the other lies in different ideas, different understandings and different visions and perspectives of our common life. It is the battle between them that leads to the most effective decisions and to the development of societies. That is why the development of democracy is the development of freedom – to be different, to have and to be able to express one’s own opinion, even if it differs from that of others; to organise and unite to defend one’s ideas and interests. The contribution aims to present the meaning of the other in politics and the deformation of this meaning in the contemporary mediatised political process. A deformation that leads to the loss of the political and its replacement by processes that deform contemporary politics. Understanding the other as a political value is necessary to explain both political radicalisation and political aggression, and the lack of strong leadership and strategic political projects in our contemporary world.

Keywords: political values, media, deformations of democracy.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 50, January 2022

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