Corporate Communication and Corporate Social Responsibilities in COVID-19 Pandemic

Kremena Georgieva

New Bulgarian University


Abstract: This paper is dedicated to the interrelation between corporate social responsibility and the effective crisis response. The emphasis is put on the necessity of realization of focused socially responsible initiatives within the effective reputational management discourse. Factors and results are subsequently outlined, related to the outreach and the quality of all corporate social responsibility initiatives (including time, homogeneity and scale) and the way they help a better crisis response. The research makes interrelation between the quality of all corporate social responsibility initiatives and the good reputation of the company. The paper is is based on critical theoretical analysis, a case study and secondary data analysis within the COVID-19 outbreak.

Keywords: CSR, corporate reputation, crisis, corporate citizen, crisis management, reputation management.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 49, October 2021

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