The Reinvention of Rhetoric and its Fundamental Role in Political Discourse Analysis 

Henrique Carlos de Carvalho Nunes Nascimento Dores

Sofia University, Faculty of Classical and Modern Philologues


Abstract: The origins of rhetoric as a discipline can be traced back to the ancient city-state of Athens, this being considered the birthplace of Classical Rhetoric. This article looks at the main landmarks in the evolution of Rhetoric, starting from the Sophists and how they differed from Plato and Aristotle to Modern Rhetoric and the Linguistic Turn, examining the different ways in which rhetoric has been defined and used. Additionally, the article will also canvass the relations between rhetoric and other disciplines, in particular Linguistics and Pragmatics, and consider its role in contemporary analysis of political discourse. The hypothesis is to that rhetoric has basic contribution in humanitarian sciences, it has own scientific field but in the modern world it has intersection with other humanitarian and social sciences. The methods are historical observation, desk research and comparative analysis. The text is an attempt to present the reinvention of rhetoric however there are constrains concerning description its role and the opportunities to use in the modern research specifically in pragmatics, pragma-dialectical approach and the political discourse analysis.

Keywords: rhetoric, classical rhetoric, modern rhetoric, political discourse analysis.

Rhetoric and Communications Journal, issue 49, October 2021

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