Gergana Apostolova – Achronia as a Complex Mechanism for Social Control

Abstract: The paper is focused on a set of mechanisms for social control applicable as a remedial and prevention technique in cases of unrest and upsurge of civic anxiety preceding historic crises.  It is rooted in the idea for government and binding where ‘social binders’ are seen as sets of positive and negative tools for public mind control. Aspects of achronia have been known and applied ever since the dawn of human culture.  The mechanism is not studied though and there are no descriptions of it whatsoever. I have chosen to give it the name ‘achronia’ since it acts as a time machine.

The description of achronia follows a number of steps: 1) Planning of social reaction through time in terms of regulation of migration; dislocation and concentration of communities; a Smitsonian approach to current division of labour.  2) Typology of achronia. 3) Awareness of the application of achronia by the governing bodies. 4) Achronia in modelling e-government.

Keywords: achronia, achrony, achronic, government and binding theory, civic anxiety, social binders, migration of productive generations; e-government.

Rhetoric and Communications Е-Journal, Issue 10, October 2013,, ISSN 1314-4464

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