Juliana Popova, Natalya Venelinova – Reconstruction of the internal and external intergroup relations of the University of Ruse through the establishment of a communication strategy and a strategy for international branding

Abstract: In the times of extraordinary dynamics of the communication environment and a necessity for affirmation of a balanced and sustainable image of organizations, interactions with an organization’s audiences are of the utmost importance. The paper presents the Communication strategy of the University of Ruse as an innovative approach towards the modernization of university intergroup relations within the frames of a traditional organizational culture. The separate stages in the creation of the university Communication strategy are described, namely: on-desk exploration of communication practices of foreign universities; a PEST analysis of the external environment in relation to positioning of the University of Ruse in it; a SWOT analysis of the existing conditions and prerequisites for the communicative interaction between the University of Ruse and its audiences; identification of the target groups of the university’s communication policy. An empirical study of the communication needs of young university lecturers was used as an additional instrument for the identification of the priorities, objectives and measures of the strategic document.

Keywords: communication policy, communication strategy, communication needs, PEST analysis, SWOT analysis.

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 35, July 2018, rhetoric.bg/, journal.rhetoric.bg, ISSN 1314-4464

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