Greenwashing and PR in the Financial Sector in Bulgaria

Philip Stoyanov

University of National and World Economy – Bulgaria.


Abstract: This study focuses on the presentation of the relationship of greenwashing and reporting practices of corporate social responsibility. Under the increased pressure on companies to report environmental impacts, some companies disclose positive impacts, which are not directly related to their major field of business. The report tries to make a review of greenwashing and PR in the web by the companies. The author analyses through combined qualitative and quantitative methodology practices of CSR reporting in some of the major financial organizations in Bulgaria on their web sites. A Framework for analysing their engagement to CSR and its relation to companies’ field of business is applied.

Keywords: corporate social responsibility, sustainability, greenwashing, corporate advertising, public relations, reporting of CSR, corporate websites.

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 31, November 2017,,, ISSN 1314-4464

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