Gergana Pencheva-Apostolova – Essays on Electronic Culture – Virtual “Illiteracy”- Manifestations and Uses

Abstract: In the transcendence of the traditional human world into the worlds of virtual space, the essence of human culture is preserved. The e-universe is text-woven. Our existence in the e-universe leaves imprints in its texture.  That is why the issues concerning the dimensions, manifestations and uses of virtual illiteracy are important. The ability to discern standard from folk uses of the language in the Net is one of the most interesting problems of the multilingual intercultural global web. They will be the focus of discussion in a series of essays concerned with the creative power of the human individual in the info sphere in the period of cultural transition and transcendence we have chosen  to study from the perspective of ‘virtual illiteracy’.

Key words:  E-kind, infosphere, virtual culture, virtual illiteracy, pictograms of internet, creativity, anonymous author, recursion, sets of worlds, double-existence, e-orality, e-rhetoric, transcendence.

Rhetoric and Communications E-journal, Issue 1, September 2014,, ISSN 1314-4464


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