А teaching methodology based on developing of university lecturers’ professional voice qualities

Veselina Raeva

National Academy for Theater and Film Arts (NATFA) “Krastyo Sarafov”

Email: veselinaraeva@yahoo.com

Abstract: Regardless of the modern models applied in the higher education system and the numerous innovative instruments that improve the skills of the lecturers in higher education, the voice is definitely the main tool for teaching capable to raise the quality of higher education in Bulgaria. To a large extent, the university lecturer and the formation of his own pedagogical style could influence the effective development of the student’s personality. Therefore the university lecturer needs to constantly improve his professional qualities, including those of his voice, which he should not take only as “nature’s gift”. The goals he would achieve through the staging of his voice are: improving the perception of the audience; fuller perception of the study content of the lecture course due to the increase of the emotional, expressive and melodic line of the voice; consequent enrichment of the intonation range of speech; refinement of the social communication, which directly affects the subconscious; increase of the voice endurance and last but not least – hygiene of the voice. The assumption is that for a university lecturer, a properly placed spoken voice has innumerable benefits, therefore the methodology of teaching in higher education institutions (traditional or digital) should be accompanied by the improvement of the professional qualities of the voice.

Keywords: pedagogical style, staging of the voice, voice strength, vocal pitch, vocal timbre, vocal range.

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