Critical Discourse Analysis in International Relations Studies: The cases of Russia and Ukraine

Political Communication, Political Discourse and Rhetoric

Olga Brusylovska

Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National University,

Chief of the Department of International Relations

Abstract. There is a tendency towards changing the subject field of Political Sciences and International Relations (IR). It moves from topics related to reforms, strategies, global affairs, war and peace to issues of identity policies (like national or gender), truth and post-truth, among others. Such shifts increase the level of variability of the boundaries of both disciplines and give new opportunities to the researchers working on an interdisciplinary paradigm. Discourse analysis is capable of enriching the research tool kit of professional political scientists. Using Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) in the discipline of IR allows converting a study from a meta-level to the level of discursive practices. It gives an opportunity to overcome the artificial division of the spheres of domestic and foreign policy. This article examines the works of Russian and Ukrainian political scientists. It does not mean that the researchers’ primary field of study has to be CDA. They are political scientists that tried to apply this method as an experiment.

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